Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Gotta Love Johhny / Can you play that? Post

I love Johnny Cash. I think he was a fantastic artist. I was searching around for something today, and happened on this video.

Love it.

I was telling my mom about the video, which she needs to see, and she came back with a Johnny Cash story that has to be shared.

You see, June Carter Cash was from an area that a lot of my family is from in Virginia. In fact, my grandmother grew up with her family, and they used to sit around on some one's front porch and pick and sing.

So, Johnny and June could often be found around my home town, and even more often up in the hills of southwest Virginia just doing normal things. My Dad even said hi to him at our local library once.

One day, and this has only been about 10 years ago, my Great Aunt Nell, was on her way up to our family home place. One the way is this little store that sells antiques and things, but also has some general store stuff. She stopped in with her granddaughter to get a coke. As they walk in, this man is sitting in the front, just sort of picking a a guitar. He isn't playing, just picking. Aunt Nell walks by, looks at him, and asks "You think you can play that thing?"

He looks at her and says "Ahh, a little bit."

"Alright then" She replies, and goes on about her way.

She walks on back, and Everett, the sales man, says to her "Nell, do you know who that is? That is Johnny Cash."

Aunt Nell turns, takes a good look, and says "Why, I guess it is."

"His wife June is over here, come on back, and I'll introduce you."

So, Aunt Nell goes on back on gets introduced to June Carter Cash. They chat for a while.

On the way back out, she stops at Johnny, who is still picking, and asks "Is that yours or is it Everette's?"
She mean the guitar.

"Oh. Its Everette's."

"I figured."
Apparently, Everette was a wheeler dealer, and was trying to sell Johnny that guitar.

Then she walks out.

As soon as they are out the door, Nell stops, leans down to her granddaughter, who is a preschooler at the time, and says, "Now, honey, you aren't going to remember this, but one day, I'm going to tell you this story, and it will be a great one."

I have to agree, Aunt Nell, it is a great one.


buttafly said...

Very very cool! I love this story!