Monday, January 24, 2011

My Coffee Just Got Better

As long as I am coming clean on addictions, my crock pot and scrap booking, I should admit that I have a serious caffeine addiction.  This one really is a real, physical and psychological addiction.  I need caffeine.  I crave it.
I drink Coke Zero like there going to quit making it, which they better not because I would have to learn to like diet Coke, and that is a yuck.  As much as I love Coke Zero, I love, love, and love, coffee.

Normally, I don't care about this addiction.  I really don't.  In fact, the addiction often helps me make it though the day, and I could care less about the negative health aspects of consuming so much caffeine. Unfortunately, right now isn't normal.  The problem I have with both of these addictions right now is that, of course, I am pregnant, and that means I really do need to limit my caffeine intake some what.
So, right now, I get one, very small, cup of coffee a day.  It is 8 ounces.  I know because I use the Starbucks VIA which takes 8 ounces of water exactly.  I love that cup.  I savor it.  I don't rush though it.  It usually takes me an hour to drink it.  Really.  The first sip is like a little bit of heaven and sanity coming at me all at once.  I turn on the TV for what ever children are in the house, and insist they watch it for at least 10 minutes while I start my cup.  Once I've gotten a few sips in, then they can return to the screaming banshees that normally run my house.
Obviously, I love that cup of coffee.
Today, though, I have to tell you it just got better.  Really.  I swear.
I drink my coffee with creamer.  I prefer some kind of vanilla or caramel flavor, and I usually buy what is on sale.  However, the one thing I don't like is that those creamers are made of oil.  Once, I ran out of creamer and tried to mix a little milk in.  It was terrible!  They can't be mixed into a drink, and sort of separated.  I had to actually throw good coffee away.  That grosses me out a little.  I tried fat free milk and syrup, but that just didn't quite get it right.  So, I stick with the artificial creamers.
Until now.
International Delight came out with a new line of Coffee House Inspirations make with real cream and milk.  I had to try.  Today, I actually indulged in a bottle sans coupon.  That must be chalked up to a pregnancy craving, because I always use coupons for creamer.  I just had to have it, though.
As soon as I opened it, I could tell the difference.  It looks different.  Is smells different.  Actually, is smells like really good icing.  That alone made me nuts.  I almost couldn't wait for my water to boil to make the coffee. The flavor didn't disappoint, either.  That stuff is fantastic.  Really.  I swear.  Probably the best coffee creamer for home use ever.  I mean, even Kanye West couldn't come up with another creamer and upstage this one.  Its that good.
If you like creamers, and don't really care about the calories, try it.  I'm pretty sure you will love it.  Though maybe not as much as a crazy pregnant woman who only gets one cup a day.


Brewhaha. said...

Am loving all the frequent blog posts! Keep 'em coming, please.
I will look for creamer coupons for the new stuff - I am a sucker for good creamer. Does it stay fresh for as long as the old school ones?

Morada said...

I'm not sure if it will stay fresh as long. I don't think it will ever last long enough for me to find out. I usually buy creamer in the bigger bottles and this only comes in the smaller size which will be gone in no time.