Friday, December 28, 2007

Rollercoaster Day

Today has felt like a roller coaster ride with all the ups, downs, twists, and turns.

First, this morning, my property mgmt company called to tell us that the owner is putting our house on the market almost immediately. There is a real estate agent coming over to evaluate the house on Wednesday. We have a lease, but he says he can't wait. So, we can stay here until our lease is up, but we know we will have to move for sure now. I had hoped to stay here pretty much until we left San Diego, but...that may not happen now. We have lived here for 2.5 years. That is the longest I have lived in any one place for the last 7.5 years. We have had 7 different homes in that time. Really. So, living in one for so long has definitely made us attached. It is a little bit sad.

My girls have both been sick, but are finally getting better. It is such a relief to see them eating normally, and having a pretty good time. The youngest has been suffering the ill effects of teething. Well, her 7th tooth finally broke through! The poor thing has gotten 5 teeth in the last 4 weeks. They are all coming in at once. I hope she gets a little break in between now. It would be great for everyone!!

My little sister just called me to tell me that her boyfriend surprised her with a marriage proposal tonight. They had already decided to get married, but she had no idea he was going to propose today. He did a great job with the ring, and the proposal. So, I am excited for her. She found a really great partner for life.
However, I am also sort of sad. I feel super old. I feel like I need to go get out all of my wrinkle creams and potions and start slathering them on. She is the baby of the family, and has always said she wasn't getting married for a long time, basically until she was old. So, having her get engaged at the ripe old age old 23 is a huge shocker. Yikes. It is also the end of anyone of us being a kid. Makes me think about my own kids growing up too. **sniff, sniff**
I am happy for her, though. And she promised to pick a wedding date that would accommodate my travel schedule. That means no where near November. Yeah!

Now, I need to finish the laundry that I started at 8am before I can get to bed. Hopefully I will be done before the little one wakes up and demands milk. It would be nice to actually get to bed and lay there for a while before being summoned. Who knows...maybe I can actually wake my husband up and get a kiss too. Maybe more if I am lucky.

Starting A New

I decided once again to try and blog. I have given up every other time I have tried, but it is something that I feel once again I want to try. goes.
Oh! And before I fully prepared for incorrect grammar and spelling no matter how many checking tools are provided.