Friday, June 20, 2008

Great Stories from the Past

My mom and I were talking about some things that my grandfather had gotten into when he was younger, and it became one of those moments in life where you recount great stories of those who have passed on. I got pretty teary eyed. I love it when you get to learn new things about loved ones like that.
Today, I learned of quite a heroic effort he made, in World War II. The story is a little loose on details. He is gone, after all, and we can't ask questions anymore, but it goes something like this:

My Grandfather, Earnest, was part of a unit in the Army that was under General Patton. At some point, his unit came under heavy fire, and was pinned down for days. They were out of food, and they were literally starving. So, once He realized that they were to going to be able to get food anytime soon, he told some of the guys in his unit to cover him the best he could. He remembered a bicycle that they had passed on the way in to where ever it was they had been hold up. Hi jumped up, ran, telling no one what he was going to do. He made it to the bike and out of the line of fire. He rode to the nearest town he could find. After some time, he did actually return to his unit with some eggs, and a chicken to eat, the only things he could get.

Yes, he was quite the hero. There are other stories, some that we know are verified and true from the medals that he won, about the things he endured over there. SO many of them would make you cry.

Telling stories about my family, talking to my mom, it is quite clean where she got her senses of justice, right and wrong, and compassion from. It also shows me where I hope I got mine from.

One more try

You know, I keep thinking of things that I need to blog, but life gets in the way, and this is the first thing to get left out. It isn't that I don't like to write things down, I love too, but that often, there are too many things to write. That, or I just can't find the time to take away from something else. Either way, there are so many stories that I want to share, opinions that I should voice, and so on, that I thought maybe I would try again. Again, no promises that I will keep it up, but I can say that I will try harder. Even if no one is reading, I really enjoy hitting the publish button. = )