Friday, January 8, 2016

The Day She Foiled a Trumpet Theft

     On school days, The Biggest One gets out about an hour before Middie does.  Her middle school is right in front of the elementary school.  So, each school day, The Biggest One walks over to the elementary school when she gets out, and I meet her there.  It makes pickup much easier and faster, and gives me an hour to work at school if I need to as part of my volunteer work.
     While we work, we always talk about her day.  Today, I didn't have to go in, and we just sat in the truck, waiting for Middie to get out of school, and chatted.  In the midst of all this, she starts to tell me a story.  One of her good friends is a boy we shall call Crush (because he has one on her).  Crush is a very nice kid.  We have had him over to the house to hang out.  He has asked her to a dance.  She isn't allowed to go on any dates yet, but they still hang.  There is a great back story, but suffice to say, he really seems to like her, and she thinks he is super sweet.  Totally appropriate for 12 year olds.  Anyway, they walk around together at school when they can.  Crush plays a trumpet in the band, just as The Biggest One does.  His trumpet was stolen at school.  His dad, also a very nice guy, had to come into school this week because of it.
     Its been a thing.
     Today, as they were leaving the school, Crush say to The Biggest One that he really wishes his trumpet hadn't been stolen.  As they walk, suddenly, The Biggest One sees an 8th grader carrying what she thinks is Crush's trumpet.  She tells him so.  Now, to give you a little more necessary background, Crush is on the short side.  He hasn't hit that growth spurt boys get sometime soon yet.  He is probably three or four inches shorter the The Biggest One, and she isn't that tall.  It only relevant for context, and you want that context.  The 8th grader is Crush's opposite. Big Kid.  Crush walks up to the kid, and calls him out for having the trumpet.  The kid starts yelling that no, no it wasn't Crush's.  The Biggest One, in all her hot headed glory, isn't having it.  She sees the escalation, and jumps in.  She goes over and starts to yell at the massive 8th grader.  Now, its a show down.  When the kid denies that the trumpet belongs to Crush, she immediately says "Then why is his name written all over it?"  She wasn't backing down, and believe me, she is fierce when she is protecting someone she cares about.  The kid knows the jig is up.  He drops the trumpet and runs.
    The Biggest One and Crush get the trumpet, and head off to the band room.
The story goes on.  Teachers and parents involved. Ultimately, though, she caught the thief, and protected her friend.  That is just who she is.  She knows no fear, which isn't always good, when it comes to jumping in for her friends.  I love who she is.  I'm proud of her today, and every day!