Monday, April 5, 2010

Snuggeling Is Nice And All...

The Little One is a snuggley kind of kid. She loves to cuddle up at night. In fact, I would say she pretty much insists on it. She sleeps in my bed pretty much every night, and not just on my bed, but she seems to need to be right up against me. Even more specifically, She likes to turn on her side, and put her butt up against you. SO, as a general rule, I fall asleep every night with a little butt tucked up neatly against my side or back.

Its fantastic. I don't really complain about the lack of personal space anymore. I realize fully well that this is my youngest child, and she is growing so quickly. It won't be long at all before she wants nothing to do with me, and insists that i drop her off on the corner of the school yard so that no one even sees me. So, I take these moments and bits of time as I can get them, since they will be what I have to cling to in the difficult teen years to come.

Really, it is all all fantastic, until, that is, her still very young bladder and overly tired body decide that they just aren't ready to grow up.
There isn't anything quite as special as waking up to a nice warm feeling spreading across your back or side, and then realizing what is happening.
Poor baby. I've noticed that when she goes to sleep way to late, this can happen for her. I realize her body just needs more time to mature, and she will grow out of it, but in the mean time, it is such a truly disturbing experience at 2:00am.
Not just for me, either. The Little One hates it.

She woke up this morning very upset as she was peeing and said "I have pee all over me."
It was not a happy moment.
We got her all cleaned up. New sheets on the bed, and a clean comforter. I changed my clothes, washed off, and we were ready to go back to bed.

So, risk of pee or not, we snuggled back up, and I feel asleep, with a little but tucked neatly up against me.