Monday, January 7, 2008

Poor Unfitney

Sometimes, when no one else is looking, I LOVE To check out all the celeb gossip rags online. Truth be told, I have been sort of mesmerized by the whole Brit Brit saga as it has unfolded. While I was never a fan of hers, her story has just been....well....enthralling.
Now, however, the whole thing is starting to piss me off a bit. I really feel for the girl. She needs some serious help. If she has a mental disorder, which I believe she could, then the girl needs to get help before she ends up like many other celebs who couldn't take the life given to them.
What is really pissing me off, though, would be the people around her. Come on. We, the viewing public, all saw this coming. We have been watching it for months. We knew (I did, didn't you?) that she was spiraling out of control. So, why didn't anyone around her take charge and take care of her? She is more of an asset to them than a loved one. I think Lynn Spears, and the whole clan surrounding her need to be cut off completely. Now, don't get me wrong, you have to want help to be able to get it, but maybe if it hadn't been allowed to get so far out of control, they might have been able to talk her into getting help if they had got an early jump on it. I also remember that she pretended to go to rehab twice. Maybe that was even too late. I mean, there had to be signs that we couldn't recognize, perhaps when she got married in Vegas, that her family would have instantly recognized as being troubled. I really hope that she gets help, whatever that help is. If she needs meds, therapy, rehab, what ever it may be, I hope she is able to get it, and use it in time. I feel for those kids and wish them all the best of luck right now. They need it, and so does mommy.