Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Standardize the Panty Tag Thing, Please

Ahh, this post hearkens back to the great debates of my time: Beta or VHS, DSL or ISDN, Blue Ray vs. HD DVDs, and now, the left side panty tag, or tag less.

I would like to request that all manufacturers of panties for little girls standardize the left side tag or tag-less with writing on the back thing, please.

You see, learning which way to put on your panties is hard enough when you are three years old, but when your parent has to use "if, then" statements, you can just forget it.

The Little One must think I am crazy. I am sure she must think I really don't know which way to put my panties on, either, since we have to keep changing her panties around. Every day, there is a 5 minute discussion as I again go over the way panties are put on, depending on if there is a tag, or not. I don't imagine that walking around with panties on the wrong way is very comfortable for her, either, until I find the error and assist her with it.

So, please, help a little girl out, and her mother.

Pick a method of labeling the underwear. Either put tags on the left, or make them tag less with the writing on the back. That way, I can give The Little One just one simple way to figure out which way her panties should go on. I'll be fine with either one. Just let me know which way you are going and I will throw out all the non conformers and replace them which ever design gets chosen.

Let's just move on this quickly, please. I would like to keep tomorrow's discussion on which way her panties go to 30 words or less.

Thank you for you time.