Friday, February 11, 2011

They are Out of Here!

Our house is always chaotic in its own way.  The Girls are usually fighting.  I'm usually trying to either referee or hide if that isn't working.  There is a ton of yelling, and pleading.  The TVs are always on.
Even with all that, we aren't the loud ones around here.  I've blogged about it many times before, my neighbors are the loudest people on earth.

The past few days,though, have been really nice.  I thought the neighbors went out of town.  Actually, for a couple of days, I thought they were drugging their children.  Around 9pm or so, the house would get really quiet.  I mean super quiet.  We were all able to get to sleep with no problems.  It was amazing.

Then, I thought they must have gone out of town.  They had a smaller Uhaul trailer in their garage for a couple of days.  It wasn't a moving truck.  So, I, with my very pregnant brain, never even thought that they might be moving.

Turns out, they did.

There is a lock box on their door.  My husband noticed it this morning.  I was so excited, I kissed him for being the bearer of great news.

Those days where it would get quiet at night, they must have been going over to their new house.

They probably moved into a five bedroom house, because they actually had 4 kids stuffed into the old one.  Hopefully, they got a house that wasn't attached to any one else.  That would be great for all.

Regardless, I wish good luck to their new neighbors.  I hope it works out well for all.  As for me, I'm just hoping for a new family that won't smoke pot in the back yard, and will at least respect the quiet hour at 11:00pm.  While it would be nice to have people move in that we could become great friends with, I'm keeping my expectations low, and hoping not to be disappointed.


MySweetCreations said...

Thank goodness! I am so happy for you! :)