Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year End, Take Two

I started to do a year end post, but stopped.  It was just too depressing.  Far too depressing, and I don't need any extra pushes that way about now.
So, instead of re capping all of the year, I decided to try again, and only re cap the good part of the year and the big stuff.  Were just going to pretend all the bad stuff didn't happen. K?
This year has been crazy for us.  The biggest thing of all, is that I had The Littlest One!  Yeah for new babies!  She is totally fantastic, and make me laugh every single day.  I am so thankful that we were able to have her!
The next big thing was that we found out that my husband will be retiring next year.  That may not be a positive in every sense, as he would have like a little more time in, but I'm thankful for the fact that our family will be whole again, all the time, very soon.  I look forward to all the changes it will bring and am really excited about our future.

I also thought it might be fun to repost a few of my favorite blogs from this year in case you missed them:
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Yes, this year has been hard, but I'm going to try not to remember it that way.  I'm going to try to remember the good.  The great birthday parties we threw.  All the fun times we have had with friends.  The fantastic new little person who came into our lives.  That is how I plan on remember 2011, and not the crappy rest of it.
So, good bye to this year.
Hello to the next.
I'm hoping 2012 brings us a year full of things I don't have to pretend didn't happen.
Happy New Year, and I wish a year full of memories you want to all of you as well.