Saturday, February 4, 2012

Things I Can't Wait for

We are seriously counting down the days until my husband comes back.  I don't know his return time yet, or believe me, I would be counting down the hours, too.  We are that close.  I suppose close is relative, of course.  We do, after all, still have a tiny bit to go.  I'm willing to bet that this last bit is going to fly by.  We have a lot to do.  We have to make a new banner to put in front of the house.  I think we might wrap the door, too.  I need to get the house clean. Yikes!  That's a big one.
In the mean time, I thought I would share all the great things that come with his return, or at least some of them.

Things I am looking forward to when my husband comes home: (In no particular order)
  • Sex (let's just be honest)
  • Taking a shower with the bathroom door closed, and no one opening it
  • Going to the bathroom to potty with the door closed.
  • Sex (Come on, its been 7 months.  That deserves two mentions.)
  • Having adult conversation without going out of the house to find it.
  • Not being the one to do the dishes.
  • Being able to go get coffee with my friends.
  • Yelling "Not It!" when we both discover The Littlest One has a dirty diaper and actually having someone else do it.
  • Sleeping and snuggling with someone taller than me.
  • Being able to lay on his chest at night. (Man do I miss this.)
  • Sex - What? I mention that already...twice...oh...well...
  • Sitting on the couch, drinking a Mike's, and watching The Big Bang Theory together (one of our favorite past times).
  • Pizza Sundays, when we all make pizza together. 
  • Family time.  Any family time.  
  • Co-parenting.  God I miss that.  
  • His laugh.
  • How much he makes me laugh.
  • Seeing him with The Girls, and watching him be the incredible dad he is.
  • Hugs
Honestly, I could go on forever.  I would start crying though, if I went on much more.  I miss him.  We all miss him.  It won't be long, though.  Really.  I can almost feel his arms around me now.  I can't wait.