Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Grand Middle

Yesterday was The Big Little One, aka The Middle One, aka Middie, 's birthday.
She turned six years old.
It makes me want to cry a little.  I realize six isn't that big, but it is, in many ways.  In just a couple of months, she will be out of kindergarten, and on her way to first grade.  She won't be a little girl any more, really.  For some reason, in my head, while The Littlest One is the baby, I see Middie as my baby, too.  It feels like just yesterday I brought her home from the hospital.  I have all these beautiful memories of her just being such a snuggly baby.  She still is a snuggler.
She really is a fantastic kid.  Middie is smart cookie.  She is an avid reader, which I love.  She is fantastic at math, which is really fantastic since it means I don't have to help her with it.  She has a sharp wit, much like her Father's, and a great sense of humor.
I love this kid.
She amazes me all the time.  I look at her, and I really wonder where she will go in life and what she will do, because I see in her the potential to do anything and do it very well.
I am very proud of her already, and I know her future will be amazing.  I'm just so happy that I get to be a part of it and watch her grow!!

Love you, Middie!!!