Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I Know We Just Met, But....

I try really hard not to judge by first impression.  I'm not perfect, though.  As hard as a try, I often end up being judgmental in certain situations.  I am, like many things, a work in progress.  So, while I would like to say that upon first greeting, I liked 2014, which just started, I've got to say, its coming in like an a**sshole.
Last year was  pretty sucky for us.  My husband got his dream job, and because of a medical conditional that is part of his 20 years of service to our country, lost it.  He fought hard to get the condition fixed, a shoulder surgery.  In fact, he fought since before he retired.  A year after he retired, he was finally acknowledged by our esteemed government and the VA.  Finally, he could get fixed.  Then, we lost our insurance.  Again, our beloved government saw fit to play take back with the benefits he earned and was promised.  The government is playing bully and has decided to pick on Veterans, and we seriously felt it last year.  Sadly, (I swear I didn't mean for this to turn into a political rant) they aren't done yet, and have even decided to start to screw with the guys who are still in.
Anyway, The fantasticness of this past year didn't end with just being on the losing end of a Congressional Budget (Thanks, guys!  I'll see you at poll time!).  The Biggest One managed to break her wrist.  Not just break it, but blow it out to the point that the specialist was totally impressed.  Yeah. That's my girl.  Oh, and to make it better, she did it just walking in Chuck E Cheese.  Just walking.  She fell, and Boom!
My Husband did finally get his surgery.  While good, as he won't be in  pain anymore, it is costing us about a million half dollars.  Ok.  Not exactly, but let me assure you, our medical bills, between three kids, one of whom like to break bones, and a husband who is breaking after all of his years in the military, are making me sick.
So, needless to say, I am pretty thrilled to be done with this year, and have been seriously hoping to see bigger and better things in the new year.
However, 2014, thus far, in the very limited time we have had, hasn't been great.
The Littlest One has a massive cancer sore in her mouth.  It hurts.  A lot.  She cries.  A lot.  She can't eat and wants to be held.  Yes, I have meds for her, but getting her to let me do anything that she suspects is like medicine is akin to trying to throw a cat in the bath tub.  It hurts all of us and nothing ever really gets accomplished the way we want.  Yesterday, I managed to get some of the numbing medicine in her mouth, but I have no idea where it went or what part of her mouth it touched.  Then, she tried to throw up on me.  So, I gave up.  Regular kids acetaminophen is a two person job with her.  One person has to hold her upside down while the other administers.  Ok.  We don't exactly hold her upside down, but you do hold her in a horizontal position with her head slightly tilted down so that she HAS to swallow, unless you want pink slimy vomit on you.  Your choice, of course.
I don't actually have two people here who are qualified to do that, either.  My Husband's computer crashed.  Actually, the power port on his laptop came loose.  His laptop right now is imperative.  I neglected to backup a copy of something that I was working on for the school, and that I have to get to a printer asap.  So, he took the computer and ran to his family's house so that our BIL (and resident family computer guru) could fix it asap.  So, we didn't even get to spend New Year's Eve together.  He took Middie with him, who also got sick on the way.  Then, the computer didn't even get fixed because the port couldn't be soldered back in, it needs to be replaced.
Do you see the awesomeness going on here?
Seriously.  This all needs to go. Now.  I think I'm going to give all this another day, and just pretend this today is part of last year, too.  Hopefully things will begin to be a tiny bit better by then.  I know the old superstition about whom ever you are kissing at midnight is who you will be kissing all year.  I'm just hoping that doesn't also translate to having a super sucky time at midnight means a whole year of suck.  Been there.  Done that. And totally ready for less suck and more good stuff in the coming year.  No.  We are just going to say that 2013 was the a**hole year, and its going out painfully and slowly, like the true a**hole it was.  I refuse to let it take 2014 down with it.  No.  We are kicking that a**hole year to the curb and going to make 2014 better, one way or another.