Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Story of a Husband Not in Trouble

I found some humor in all of this, and thought you all might too.

My husband had a major test yesterday at work. The night before, He brought some things home on his little USB portable drive to put on the computer and study with. He puts the drive into the computer, and has me help him open everything up.

Much later in the evening, I get back on the computer to do a "quick check". I noticed that Photoshop had opened up and was trying to load some new images it found. I start to scroll though the images, and when I get to the top of the list, what do my wandering eyes find? Porn!! Not just any porn, but what looked like about 15 mini clips from movies!!! I was shocked! And pissed!! Now, we aren't prudes, but hiding porn on a portable drive crosses my lines. Not only that, but the stuff was loading with Lilly in the room!!

So, I immediately send Lilly out, minimize the porn, and call Chad into the room. He walks in, and I ask, "What have you been doing with your thumb drive?" He stares at me with a blank look. I respond with a look that says "confess your sins now." I ask again "What have you been doing with your thumb drive?" This time, his look changes from blank to what I can tell is a brain frantically searching for anything that he might possible have done wrong. My look only intensifies. I utter the question once final time with a tone that demands he utter something, anything.
"I have my study stuff on there. You know what I use it for. You help me put it on there." Why?" He is more than a little concerned, apparently not being able to figure out what it might possible be that he has done.

"Do you know what is on your drive?" I ask him.
"Just tell me what it is." He is probably panicking about this time.

I put my hand on the mouse, and bring the porn back onto the screen while looking at him.
His reaction was priceless. Instantly, it was a "WTF?" look that quickly and only for a second changed into a.."hubba hubba, that's porn on my computer" and went away with the immediate realization that he should not have been happy about this.

"I didn't do it." He insisted that he had no idea it was on there.

I just stared at him. It was on his thumb drive. His.

Then, my husband responds with what has to be the best response possible in this situation for him.
"Honey, you know I couldn't have done that. I don't know how to do that. I can't even put my word docs on there with out help."
Believe it or not, he was telling the truth. Now, you and I may know that it isn't really any different than using any other drive on your computer, but he doesn't realize that. He has no idea how to put things on there, and other people really do have to help him out.

Well, somebody else seemed to think they were REALLY helping him out. We narrowed it down to a couple of people. If I ever find out which one it was, you can believe we will be having a little chat.

He is not in trouble, though. He had no idea. In fact, I feel a little bad for him. He was duped a bit, and had even been using that at work. He could have gotten in serious trouble for having that at work.

So, all in all, just a funny story about me finding porn he didn't even know he had. Unless of course I find out who did it. In that case, it will goes from funny to head snapping a heart beat.
; )