Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Admit It, I love My Pot

I know, it may not be cool to say it, but I am all about my pot; my crock pot. (ha)

I fully realize that just saying crock pot ads about 40 years to your perceived age, but I think it is time for people to rethink the crock pot. They are making a serious come back, and for good reasons. In the world we live in today, if you aren't too busy, then you aren't really living. At least, that is what we tell ourselves. So we have kids in soccer, ballet, music, swim lessons, and anything else we can get them into all at the same time. We have social clubs and hobbies that take up full days. Many families have two working parents, or one parent who works, or just parents who spend their entire days out and about, that we rarely have time to make great, healthy, home cooked meals on week days. So, why not use the method our mothers, or maybe their mothers, used years ago; the slow cooker (aka crock pot).

I've been using mine hard core for a few months now. It started with Mondays. Mondays was Girl Scout day, and between moms group events with The Little One, school, homework, and the Girl Scouts with The Big One, I was always struggling to put out a good supper before bed time rolled around. So, I simplified and re planned. Granted, in the beginning, we were doing a lot of chili or black beans on Mondays, but my family happens to like that. So, once a week was totally fine with us.

From there, though, I began to realize just how easy this thing is. I love it. I put anything I can in the crock pot right after the school drop off. Then I'm good to go until time to serve. It is truly fantastic and freeing to know that dinner will be there and ready when we are!

Not only is it a great time saver, but the meals are so much healthier than many of the quick fix things that I would have otherwise gone with. It is such a win/win, that I just can't seem to get enough of it.

If I were to be honest, and I usually am, I have to admit that I use it more than just once a week now, and in fact, I cook more in it than I do out of it right now.
I just can't pass up an opportunity to make something in the crock pot, if it can be converted to do so.

We aren't talking just soups and chili anymore, either. One of my new favorites is crock pot lasagna. Coming home to a lasagna that is ready for you is too fabulous for words. I'm itching to get to the store to make things for chicken crock pot pie (which I will actually make with out chicken, and add precooked chicken in to each individual's bowl that wants it) and chicken coconut curry (that I will be making the same way with the precooked chicken).

I am always on the look out for a few good things to make. I'm dreaming of a breakfast casserole for out breakfast for supper nights, and some desserts that can make the house smell yummy while they cook all day.

I know it may not sound super cool to admit that I love my crock pot, but I am working on changing that. If all the moms in the world used their crock pots a little more, I think there would be a little less stress, and a few more happy spouses with full tummies.


buttafly said...

The Crock Pot is back. In all it's coolness.