Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I just can't go there...

I love to lay around with my girls, snuggle, and watch a movie. Usually I let the girls get together and pick the movie. I will give a little input if needed. For example, I might interject "stop fighting g or no one gets s movie" otherwise, its up to them.

Tonight, we were going yo watch s movie and snuggle, staying up late in celebration of today being the last day of school. So I gave the girls the movie case, and the usual speech about cooperation, and let them pick. Their pick tonight fell so far off my mark I couldn't handle it.

When The Big One was very little, we found this great series of DVDs, similar to the Baby Einstein concept, but made locally in San Diego. The DVDs were great for helping to put her to sleep, or keep her from crying. They were never something we would really watch with her.

When the Little One came along, we used them with her, too. She loved them even more than her big sister and would listen to the music to go to sleep almost everyday.

One of these DVDs is a whole collection of classic children's songs, with animated characters and children singing, and some adult with a voice that makes me want to tear my ears off singing. If you are a parent, you know that there are some children's songs, that even if the person singing has a good voice, the style and production of these songs will drive you crazy. Well, this is an entire DVD complete with horrible matching visuals.

The problem is that The Little One still loves it. Somehow, last night she even got her big sister to agree to watch it.

I can't do it. With all of the stress I am already under, I think that laying down to watch that entire DVD would have sent me over the deep edge. Strait over, with a graceful swan dive.

SO, I had to opt out. I let them watch the movie alone, then came back in later to snuggle. I felt kind of bad for abandoning them to watch alone, but seriously, it was better for all of us that I did.

Tonight, I will be picking the movie.