Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today Is Not The Day

I'm doing exactly what I told myself I wouldn't do by blogging this.  I told myself I would let it go, but of course, that isn't my strong suit.
Today, my newest love, The Littlest One, is one week old.  We have her first post hospital check up, and one for me too.  We get to see her be weighed, and checked out, and I love the reassurance that comes with it.  I want to enjoy every moment of her, as she is our last for sure, something I am quite at peace with and even happy about now.  I want this to be our time, our bonding time as a family.  I want nothing but happy and love right now.
So, why someone would take it upon themselves to try to interject negative, non involved drama into my life right now, I don't know.  I am going to ignore it for now.  Other than this blog, my plan is to let it roll for a few days.  The Littlest One is giving us plenty of poop of her own, and I really don't need any from anyone else.
So, please, if you have a beef with me, if you seem to think this is the time to bear your soul to me about some way you feel, don't.  While I want to be open and have people be able to come to me, please, take a moment to consider that exactly one week ago, I had two major surgeries, one of which was incredibly more traumatic to my body and that I am healing from that, and more importantly, that I am a new mom all over again.  Give me a moment.  I'll let you know when I am ready to deal with the poop that comes from outside my home again, and then I will do so gladly.

Until then, peace and love for all, especially my very new, adjusting family.