Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two Weeks Out

Today was my two week post op appointment with my surgeon.  So far, so good.  Things are healing pretty well.
Thus far, I have to say that this experience has been pretty much the antithesis of my last birth experience.  I had real professionals, not just people who were forced into the Corpsman program because they failed out of their first choice, taking care of me from start to finish.
The staff at Mary Birch did a fabulous job.  My Drs, all of them in the OR, did an amazing job, and everything went just right.
My scar looks nice.  It isn't infected like last time, or all nasty and puckery.  It does curve around my belly button now, giving me the look of an upside down question mark, but I guess they wanted to spare my belly button.  After all, I would never be able to re-pierce it if they had gone through it.  So even that funny shape is ok with me.
I feel so much better now than I did even after the last repair of the hernia.  I think things are beginning to feel normal inside, or at least as normal as I ever will be.

We still have a ways to go with the healing.  I am still very swollen.  It will be a few more weeks before that is all gone, and the fluid is all absorbed again, but I can live with it all until then.

The Littlest One is doing very well as well.  She is growing quickly.  Her little cheeks are getting chubby already, and I love it.
Yeah, so far, things are pretty good.
Now, I'm off to knock on as much wood as I can find in order to keep from having just jinxed myself.