Wednesday, January 16, 2013

They Have Got To Be Kidding

Instead of waiting in the monstrous pickup line to get The Big Girls after school yesterday, The Littlest One and I actually had to get out in the rain and wait outside for them since we have Girl Scouts on Tuesday at school now.  As The Littlest One and I stood outside, snuggling under the portico and trying to stay warm and dry, I started listening to the parents around me have a conversation about the weather, which is crappy, to say the least.  It has been raining for days.  Days and days, and days.  I think we are about to get Biblical here with the rain.
One mom started the typical weather discussion, because that's what you do when you are stuck outside with a bunch of people you barely know; discuss the weather.  She felt like we weren't going to have a cold winter, but that it would be unusually wet.  The other agreed.  Then, they began to discuss how we would have more bugs next year if it weren't cold enough.  The discussion went on.

What I took from all of that would be three very important things.

First, this hasn't been a cold winter.  Are they friggin kidding me??  I have been freezing to death.  The temps are regularly in the 20's when the sun goes down, and I am thrilled to death now when we hit the 50s.  Granted, we did have two days where it was very warm, into the 60s and even hit 70, but that was two days out of an entire season thus far.  I don't think that warrants tipping the scales alone.  So, that means that they generally expect it to be even colder than the days where we are hovering around freezing all the time.
I can't do this.  As a general rule, I don't consider myself a weakling.  I think I have survived a lot in my life so far, but if its going to be in the teens for months here, I need to move.  I can not take that.  I will shrivel up and freeze to death.  You can find me by looking for the big block of ice with all the flowing red hair from it.  Until, of course, my hair freezes and breaks off.  I know, morbid and extreme, but that's how the thought of freezing makes me feel.  Hate it.

Second, this is a lot of rain.  That is actually good to know.  I thought it was going to be like this all the time.  I'm no fan of rain, either.  Having had of those horrible car crashes that make the best stories when i was 18, all as a result of immature driving practices and way too much rain, I don't like to drive in it.  At all.  So, being a grown up with grown up responsibilities that I have to do, like take my children to school and pick them up, even if it is raining is a little unnerving to me.  I'm glad to know that this is an extraordinary amount of rain for the area.  I was beginning to think this was normal, and totally freak out.  I will be upset if this is a wet winter.  I don't like it, but at least I can have a little peace knowing it shouldn't always be like this.  With as many rainy, overcast days as we have had, I was beginning to think I should start looking out for sparkly vampires to live here.

Third, there will be more bugs.  I hate bugs.  I hate them as much as I hate the rain.  I am allergic to bees, and the mosquitoes here are insane.  You can not step outside with out insect repellent or you will be eaten alive by them during the summer.  Many people here have screened in porches just so that you can go outside.  Now, if the winter isn't cold enough to kill the a ton of the bugs, it will be far worse this year than last.  I can not imagine more bugs.  This is horrific.

This was not a pleasant conversation for me to hear, and then think about.  I am already hating the weather, and it looks like i need to prepare for the worst of all things I hate for a while.  IF I can take comfort in anything they said, it was that the don't think it will get much colder this time, and that is great, because I don't think I can handle much colder.

If anyone of my friends who live in California would like to rescue me, I am open to it.  You can find me, at home, trying to stay warm and dry, huddled up in the corner with a can of bug spray.