Monday, March 23, 2009

Technology bites the hand, once again

I never blog on my new laptop. This will be my first. There is a reason. I'm not used to using it to type with yet, and if I accidentally add italics or close this window one more time,it will probably be my last.
I found posting this here, and the struggles that have ensued rather appropriate, though.

I just booted up my laptop so that I could watch Dexter in my bedroom, not for any actual computer necessary purpose,of course. You get to hear about it, because i want to remind you all to make sure you know every password you have ever used. Be sure to keep them somewhere. You never know when you will need them. My husband bought me this laptop as a Christmas gift. He went outside of our assigned roles in our relationship, and made a technology purchase with out me, but I forgave him. After all, he was trying to be incredibly sweet. He picked out what he felt was the geekiest laptop he could think of. It has a fingerprint scanner on it. At first I thought it was ridiculous, but now I use it for everything on here. I don't know a single password that is specific to this computer, or the programs I use, because they are all saved with my fingerprints. Pretty cool,right?
Yeah. It is great, until I had my own little run in the with the over last night making supper. I suppose my level of awareness wasn't what it should have been, either. (See previous post)
Anyway, today, my first two fingers on my right hand, the only two I set up, look like very old cracked leather on the pad. It is really kind of gross. Needless to say, my fingerprints probably look a little funny. You guessed it, bad prints and no pass word recollection meant that I wasn't about to get on this pc. I tried every password variation I could think of that I have ever used. I believe that when i set this up, I made it something new and very hard so that my husband could never log on here without me. I suppose this is what I get for not sharing.
I was, obviously as I am now using it, eventually able to log on. I was able to take the less crispy of my two fingers and uber hydrate it for just long enough that the scanner could read it.
I will, also obviously, be not only adding more fingers to my scanner profile, but changing my passwords to things that I can remember from here on out.