Monday, March 9, 2009

Very Great Day!

So far, and the day isn't over, today has been the best day I have had in a long time. I have to say, that with a husband deployed, we have good days, but we don't get a whole lot of fantastic, exciting, this is great a day for the blog kind of days. However, today has been all that.

What was so great?

Please, let me tell you all about it.

Have you ever read some one's blog, or been in an online discussion group with someone that you felt was so funny, so charismatic, and just fabulous that you are just dying to meet them each time you chat?

I know, you all think of me instantly, but I'm not fishing for compliments here, honest. I am talking about my friend Tanyetta. She is a great blogger. If you don't believe me, you should read her blog. She is definitely one funny womyn.

Well, today, I actually got to meet her, and another new friend, Eileen! It was super cool. I really felt like I was sitting at the popular table! Yeah!

I have been talking to both these womyn online for a while, and it was just too cool for school to actually be able to hang out.

We all took our kids to Chick-Fil-A, which is another reason my day is so good. I love Chick-Fil-A. I don't even eat meat, and I heart Chick-Fil-A so much it makes people wonder if I am a closet meat eater. Let me tell you that I remember the taste of a chicken sandwich from there very well, and if I ever did eat meat again, that would be the first thing I went for.

Is that too odd?

Anyway, aside from the good chicken that I don't eat, they have great salads. I think of all the fast food places, they have the best salads and dressings. Both the quality and variety are fantastic. The waffle fries are fantastic. I could eat them all day. The service never fails to leave me impressed, especially for a fast food place and let me assure you that today it was top notch. The kicker, though, is that they serve sweet tea. Man, oh man, what I won't do for sweet tea. I love the stuff. It may not be made exactly to my taste preferences, the strong and extra sweet southern variety, but it is still sweet tea. I could go on about why I love them, but let's just leave it at the fact that it is one of my favorite places to eat. Ever.

Now, that already sounds like a great day. Lunch with good friends, old and new, at a favorite eating spot, but it gets better.

One of my really good friends couldn't make it today because she had to work. So, after I picked the big one up from school, we went out to visit her and deliver her Girl Scout cookies. She happens to be pregnant, and has been craving these cookies for a while. So, I got them to her as quickly as I could. Now, not only did I get to make a pregnant womyn happy, but she treated us to supper as well!! It was great! We sat and chatted. She even took my daughter to the bathroom, while I got to sit and eat, twice. Now, if that isn't a friend, I don't know what it. = )

So, to sum it all up, today has been fabulous! I am going to finish the day out by getting off here right now, and watching an episode of Dexter or two so that I can send this DVD back, and get the rest of season one back right away. I will be a fantastic end to a truly fantastic day!!


buttafly said...

I'm so glad that I got to be part of your very great day (even if I wasn't mentioned). And you BELONG at the "popular" table!!!
Lisa is a good friend. Love her. I miss her!

Morada said...

lol. Thanks. And you were mentioned, just not by name. = ). I said I had lunch with good friends, old and new. That was you and Amy.

SDFilice's said...

You know I would do anything for you. You keep me mentally healthy...without you it could be trouble. Thanks for including me in your special day and those cookies were so freaking good!

Tanyetta said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! I was so EXCITED about meeting you and buttafly. I was like the dang on paparazzi which reminds me I need to post the photos.

This pregnancy brain is out of control! LOL

We should do it again really really really soon.

Like BEFORE I give birth!

You know so my son can give your daughter BEAR hugs again!

LAWDY wasn't his performance outstanding?