Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Morning Sickness Sucks

There is no other, more succinct way to put it, but this sucks.

As I type, I am trying to eat, and, more importantly, keep down, a protein bar. I know on my other blog I said I was going to give them up, but here is my reality check, I don't think I can eat anything else, and I know I need to eat.

For over a week now, I have been a little nauseous. Not too much, and I hadn't thrown up. When it would hit, I would take a sip of a cold, carbonated beverage, breath slowly, and I could hold on until it passes. I was doing that so much, that the Husband even ask if part of it could be in my head. Don't try to throw things at him through the screen, you will only break your computer and in all honesty, I had started to wonder the same thing. I remember it being much worse with my other two.

So, the lack of vomit, in my mind, meant that this nausea wasn't real, and I was hoping for it to be. You see, we don't have a good track record when it comes to pregnancies. The ones that don't end well, usually have no symptoms, like a lack of vomit. So it was all very possible that some part of me just really, really wanted to throw up.

Careful what you wish for.

This morning it hit. Hard. Like a ton of very nauseous bricks.

We were on the way to take The Husband to work, as we are currently in a one car predicament. Suddenly, I felt it. I yelled, made him pull over, and threw the door open. I knew I was going to lose it right there on the side of the road.
Thankfully, as he really needed to get to work and hit the head before it was too late, I was able to hold that one off and get back on the road.
I didn't feel well, though.
I started nibbling on pretzels, and sipping my Coke Zero, something which I will not give up no matter how many people tell me to, (so don't bother), and I was able to make it home.

Then, my mom called.

Now, we have told no one. I mean no one. We won't tell anyone until about 12 weeks, or after we hear a heart beat, at least once, if not more.

This time, when it hit, I couldn't stop what I was doing and breath slowly. If I had yelled and gotten off the phone, she would have known that something was wrong. She ask a question. I had to answer, and that did it.

There I was, trying to cover the phone, and vomit into the sink. She kept talking, an I had to keep responding. Let me assure you, it is very difficult to carry on a calm, light hearted conversation, and vomit at the same time.

I did throw in a couple of allergy sniffs, just for good measure, in case I got questions.

As soon as I stopped vomiting, I got my drink, and was able to calm it down.

She never said anything.

This just reminds me of the time that I stood outside a restaurant, blowing chunks like there was no tomorrow, wile His Family sat inside. They had no idea I was pregnant with The Big One, and we were trying to keep it that way. They sat there thinking I didn't like the choice of place, and didn't want to come in, but contrary to what they thought, I wasn't being stuck up at all. The truth was, they didn't want me to come in, at least not until I could quit with the ralphing, they just didn't know it.

So, the secret stays for now. I am pretty sick, though. I can only hope that I don't give myself away, especially not in front of The Girls, who don't know yet either.

Wish me luck, and I hope you laugh about this when you read it months from now. ; )