Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh How I Love School....

Tomorrow is the first day back to school for the kidlets around here.

It is an exciting day. The Big One is thrilled to death. Thankfully, she still loves school, and can't wait to go back. Honestly, I think she is just bored to tears of her sister and I, and can't wait to get away from us, but I'll take the enthusiasm how ever I can get it.

If you want the real honest truth, I think I am more excited than she is. I think summer must have lasted 30 lifetimes this time. At least, I feel like I have aged that much having them both home, together, fighting every single day. Holy crap have they fought. If I could have a dollar, make that even a dime, for each time I have had to yell "Stop fighting!" or some thing much meaner but along those same lines, our little problems with the truck needing repair would be solved, because I could afford to by a new one. In dimes.

Really, The Big One is a smart, spunky kid, who needs to be challenged, and loves to learn. If I don't constantly direct this, she gets bored easily, and it causes problems.

We have worked a little on this and that this summer. She has started a cursive workbook, because some how learning that is cooler than anything else. She has also been reading quite a bit. She has really gotten into the American Girl series of books, and The Baby Sitter's Club, Both of which I liked when I was younger, and am thrilled that she does as well. I am stoked that I have at least one reader in the family. Hopefully, when The Little One gets bigger, she will be as well.

She is also excited to meet her new teacher this year, who happens to be a man. I am as well. I'm not sure what he is like, but I have high hopes. Lots of men who teach young kids tend to be funnier, and more light hearted. If this holds true, and think she will love him more than just about any other teacher.

Don't get me wrong, while I am excited to have her back at school, I will miss her too. The Little One certainly will. As much as they fight, they hang out and play together as well. I know that having it be just the two of us again will be a bit of a shock for her at first, but I think once she realizes how much she and I will get to do, she will be fine with it. I have lots of fun things planned for us already. This is the age that I love to play lots of fun learning games at, and now she and I will have more time, without an interrupting older sister who loves to yell out the answers she already knows. I think The Little One will really begin to enjoy our special time with out her sister pretty quickly.

Not only that, but she can secretly for to the playroom, and play with every Barbie in sight, without getting caught and screamed at, as long as we both clean it up before The Big One comes home.

All in all, I can't wait for the school year to start. Even though it means 6:00am mornings and making a pot of coffee a day just to survive, I'll gladly take it.