Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Apology for My Man

I think I need to just apologize to my husband now, and make it a standing apology until sometime middle of this year.

I have come to the realization that third pregnancies make you bigger faster.  That and the fact that junk food seems to be calling me by name.  It is.  I swear.  As proof I offer you the fact that i actually ate nachos from 7/11 tonight.  So, were growing something big over here, be it me or the baby.

As a direct result, I am now totally in maternity clothes at 5 months, and I have never had to wear them with the girls before.  I can't help it.  I'm shaped all funny.

More importantly than my maternity jeans, though, are what I will be referring to as my maternity underwear.
The cute stuff is long gone, be it bras or panties.

First of all, if you think that starting with big boobs they wouldn't get all that much bigger, you would be wrong.  Very wrong.  Were up at least 2 cup sizes here, if not more.  I know I have gone from an F (yes I meant F) to at least an H again.  Lovely.  They are spilling out all over the place, and I have no choice but to revert to the big old supportive bras I use to wear, just to keep them up.  The cute, lacy things (yes they have cute and lacy in F) will just have to wait until they deflate.

Then, we have the underwear.  No more high cut, this cut, or that cut for me.  I'm rocking the straight up granny panties at this point, and i love them.  Over sized ones too.  Sexy, no, but they sure do feel good under my jeans with the gigantic belly panel.

So, I sincerely apologize to my husband, who is the one who gets to see the glory that is me in my skivvies.  I promise to do a lot better after we heal up from the baby and whatever else comes with it. Until then, just remember all those goodies are still there, tucked away safely, and waiting until i can actually bend over and reach my toes to put them on again.  ; )