Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Other Addiction

I've posted before about my addiction to my Crock Pot.  I have another addiction.  This one, though not derived of a normal domestic habit, may serve to make me seem even more matronly in some people's eyes.

I scrap book, and I love it.

I am addicted to all things scrappy.  I love the products and gizmos.  I am a consultant for a popular scrap booking company just so that I can get a discount on all of their things.  I need that discount to enable my habit.  I have friends who do the same, and we trade discounts.  We are all pushers.

It is a bad habit.  Bad in the sense that it is costly.  It is also a fantastic habit, as I am saving and creating something that, I hope, my children will cherish when they are old.  I scrap all kinds of stuff stuff for them.  They will get not only pictures of their child hood, but mementos and notes about what was going on at the time.  It will be something they can really hold onto forever.

I scrap other stuff to.  I suppose technically I paper craft other stuff, but ehh..  I make invitations, all my own cards, anything I can do with paper and some tools, I will.  I love it!
Recently, I helped a friend make all of the decorations for a big birthday party she had.  It all turned out fabulous.  You can't buy the kind of cool, super themed stuff that you can make yourself.
I have made favors and name tags for baby showers, all so cute its ridiculous.
I can't wait to make some for a friends shower again coming up this year.
I'm working on a wedding album for my sister, which she may actually get before her 10th anniversary. In it, are the guest sign in pages that I created for the wedding.  They match the rest of the album perfectly, and actually matched the look of the wedding, instead of those premade books many people use.  I also have little memory cards in there that I made.  I cut them, put them on each table at the reception with pens.  People write notes to the new couple, and once they finally get the album, they can look back at all the wonderful things people said to them forever.

Its awesome.  Seriously geeky sometimes, but awesome! I'm even thinking of opening an etsy shop with some of my fantastic goods, because I love it sooo much.

I need to share my crafty love more often.  I'm going to try and post some pictures of the my favorite things I have created.  Maybe I'll actually inspire someone else to start crafting.  Or maybe I'll just scare you a little more with my fanatical zeal.  Either way, it will probably be a good time for those that read.