Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Version 2.0 - Meaner than Ever Before

I'm not really sure what happened.  The Little One has always been a little feisty.  However, in the last few days, I swear she has been replaced by a new, much meaner version of herself.
Actually, I kind of know what happened.  Her dad left for a little deployment.  This one won't be big, but she doesn't quite get that at this point.  She is very much a daddy's girl.  In fact, we often just call her DG.  She loves him so much.  It's really cute and all, until he up an leaves and I'm left with the after math.  This kid is seriously a handful right now.  She is constantly picking on someone, be it me or her big sister.  I even ask her if she was taking up the meanness slack since her father was gone, and she said yes.  Straight up.  She know she is being mean.  I'm also not sure who is more frustrated right now; Ava because her dad is gone, or Lilly or me for dealing with her.

It isn't just mean, either.  She is being completely disobedient and defiant, in almost every way she can.  When she woke up this morning, in my bed because she wouldn't sleep in hers, I snuggled her, and kind of jokingly ask her if she was going to listen better today.  Anytime I ask her things like that, she usually sucks up, gets snugly back, and says she will do better.  Not right now, though.  She refused to look at me or answer me. She turned her head, got a mad look, and ignored me. She has a will of iron, too.  I could not get her to talk to me, no matter how much I tried.  It took me five minutes to get her to acknowledge me, and say she would be better.  By that time, it had gone beyond playing to something kind of serious.

This child is wearing me out.  We go to pick The Big One up from school, and if I could pick her up right now, I would be hip carrying her everywhere and not to snuggle and be sweet, either.  She won't stay with me when we walk and runs across drive ways where parents in a rush turn in without looking.  She runs all over the school, which isn't cool.  She nearly knocks over adults and other kids.  When we are standing at the gate waiting to be let in, she runs toward the street and stops just at the edge of the side walk.  I swear she is trying to give me a coronary.

Her poor Big Sister is taking a beating, too.  The Little One in constantly picking on her.  In fact, I have even said several times "Quit picking on your Big Sister" which just sounds wrong.

I do understand the "Acting out" if you will, but that doesn't mean I like it.  I don't.  No one would.  I also know that she is young, and having a hard time figuring it out, and how to deal with all the emotion build up she has inside.  We just need to get through it all so that she can go back to her normal, much nicer but still full of it self.  Right now, I won't let her get away with everything, but I will try to be understanding with her.  I will snuggle her at night, and let her sleep with me for the moment.  I'll be sure to read to her lots, and try to get her out of the house to play more and do fun things.  I will also be hiring a babysitter as much as I can to save my own sanity as we go through this.
It will get better.  She will adjust.  Everything is just a phase and all that.  Regardless, if you notice a run on dark chocolate the next time you go to the commissary, believe it was me who took it all, just to be prepared for now.