Saturday, April 25, 2009

Embarrassment - The Job Duty

I think, should any child pull their list of responsibilities as a child, on the the first few, right under throwing tantrums, but before fighting over naps, is embarrassing their parents. My oldest takes her job seriously, too.

She is obsessed with America's Best Dance Crew. I know, the season is long over, but we watch the online episodes sometimes, and even if we don't, she just digs the dancing. At the end of last season, she decided that she was going to form her own dance crew, and be on the next season. She went to school, bear in mind she is in Kindergarten, and recruited friends for her crew. They practice sometimes at recess. It isn't just the girls, either, she has a couple of boys in her crew. I haven't managed to drive by and get a peek of them on a day they are dancing, but I hope to happen on it, because I can only imagine the sight.

Anyway, I have to keep explaining to her that she can dance all she wants, but it takes years of practice to be good enough for that show. I offer to put her in dance lessons. She wants to, for about five minutes until she decides that she wants karate instead, then five minutes later it is music. So, she just keeps on practicing on her own.

The other day, as we were getting ready for school, the whole thing came up again. She spent the morning dancing, and telling me that she was going to be on ABDC next season. I reminded her that she really had to practice a lot.

"But, mom, I already have my moves." She told me. She really thinks she both grown, and ready to go on this.

I reiterated that moves or not, she needed lots of practice to be good enough. I guess that was the wrong way to explain it. She decided right then and there that she was going to practice all the way to school. And she did.

We walk, about a half mile, to school each morning. We walk along the main street through our housing subdivision, in front of a convenience store, and our housing office. We walk by tons of people, all taking their kids to school.

The entire way, with only the music in her head, my child danced. I don't mean she pirouette and pliƩd. No, she break danced, jumped, kicked, twisted, posed, popped and even krumped her way. She emulated everything she possible could from ABDC. The entire time, I just smiled, and walked. I never looked to the left or right. I just kept on.

Finally, we met up with another child and a mom from her class. After my big one pop and locked her way past us, I turned to the other mom, and said "She will never watch America's Best Dance Crew again." The mom just laughed.

She kept it up, right up to her class room. She jumped and moved to hang up her back pack. Then I called her over to me. I told her that I was glad she liked to dance, and that she could dance more on the way home, but dance time is before or after school, not during school. I reminded her that she needed to calm down a little, and be ready to listen to her teacher.
"So, no more ABDC until after school. Right?"
"Right mom. Got it."
"Ok. Love you."
"Love you, too, mom."

Then she turned, looked at her teacher.

"Mrs Noroozi! Mris Noroozi!"

I knew what was coming. She didn't have it all out of her system yet.
She immediately leaped and twisted over to her teacher.

"I'm going to be on America's Best Dance Crew!"

"That's good. Now go in the class", her teacher said.

Ahh.. And her teacher knows her well.

Even though she may have embarrassed me the entire way to school, I think you have to take it all in stride. It won't be long before she won't be willing to dance any more, and I will miss these days.

Not only that, but her time is coming. My husband believes that turn about it fair play, and is already plotting the different ways he can embarrass the girls as they get older. I fully expect them to come to me, embarrassed to death one day, telling me that their dad did something to them on the way to school, that just mortified them, and that they couldn't even look at anyone the whole way there, because they were so embarrassed. I will hug them, tell them it will be ok, then remind them that they started it.


Tanyetta said...

I love her determination! If they need a senior citizen in their group, holla at ya girl. I'm in ;)