Friday, April 17, 2009


WWIT = What was I thinking?

There are moments in life, when you seem to be doing just fine, think you are doing things just right, then all the sudden you have a wwit moment.

Today, I had one of those WWIT moments. I bought these incredible new phones for my home. I got a digital phone system with 4 handsets, and more features than my first cell phone had. It has multiple ring tones, distinctive ring tones for different callers, and so much more. The feature that I needed most, and really wanted, was the intercom feature. You can call from one handset to another, and it is easy. When you live in a 3 story house, I think something like this is a god send. Well, it could be, provided you don't have small children in the home.

I had to teach the big one how to use the intercom, so that I could call her when it was time to come down from her 3rd floor playroom, or so that she could call me if she needed me. About the 3rd time my phone rang for a minute, then quit just as I got to it, I had a total wwit moment. Why on earth did I give a 5 1/2 year old access to something that could annoy me beyond belief. Not only did I give it to her, I taught her to use it, and made sure she was proficient in it. Seriously. There should have been an extra warning on the package that read something like:
"Do not allow children to operate unless you are willing to endure all consequences of their actions. Note that there will be repeated misuses of this handset should you give it to any child and that will result in great frustration for the the owner. Any throwing of the handset against the wall will result in voiding your warranty." Something along those lines.

I mean, I love these phones, but I foresee many problems in our future. She has already started answering the phone , granted it was only her grandmother who I have given permission for her to answer, but she had it in a ring and a half, way before I could have. That means I may never get to talk to my own mom again.

We are going to have to have a long, serious talk about phones, again, and lay down the rules, again. Hopefully, we can figure this out. I mean, now that I have made the mistake of giving a 5 year old access to a phone, we better make sure she knows to use it properly and with in the guidelines, or else, I think we all know what will happen....I'm going to have to sue the manufacturer for not putting that warning on the box.