Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Maybe the 3rd time....

Today, we went to have pictures made for my little one's 2nd birthday, and spring pictures of both girls.

If you read my previous post, this was actually our second appointment. The first one didn't quite pan out thanks to the little ones sense of adventure.

So, today, I planned carefully to make sure we would have the time to get out and take the pictures. I laid out the clothes. When time came to pick the big one up, I drove to get her, as opposed to walking like we normally do. It saved about 15 minutes. We needed those minutes.

As soon as we get home, I rush both girls in. I give the big one a washcloth, which I had laying beside the door ready to go, and shove her in the bathroom with quick "Pee and wash now" instructions.

I get all the bags with extra outfits we need. I take the coupons, and make sure everything is good to go. As soon as the big one comes out, we get shoes, and we are ready to go.

I rush like mad to get to the place. Of course, the photo studio I prefer is about 20 minutes away. Naturally, the little one falls asleep on the way. Not a problem, she will have at least 30 minutes to nap between the car ride, and the time it will take to get us in, if she will sleep in the stroller.

Once we get there, I get everything ready so that I can get the little one out, and jut roll on in. She stays asleep. Cool. More nap time. She should be good to go once we get in.

I rush to the portrait studio, only to find out that I was too early, and had my appointment time wrong. I still had about 15 minutes to go. The big one wants to sit in the waiting room with all the other kids. So, the little one and I, who is still out, do circles around the entrance.
Our 15 minutes, even though it really was only about 15, felt like a good year, but it did eventually pass.

I send the big one on in, and she is stoked. My big ham is ready for some pictures. She has always been fantastic at having pictures made. In all of her life, there have only been 2 times she wasn't great at it. The first was because I had just pinched her belly in her car seat, and she wasn't happy about that. The second was because the young man assisting the photographer was so incredibly flamboyant, that she couldn't focus on the photographer. I had a hard time focusing,because he was just too much. So, I can't imagine how hard it was for an 18 month old. Anyway, like usual, the big one is good to go.

I grab the little one, and pull her out of the stroller. Immediately, I get the grouch face. I mean the serious grouch face. Crap. This does not bode well for us. I try to set her down, and the tears start. No. No. We came all this way. For another 15 minutes, that felt nearly as long as the first one, the photographer and I tried everything we could think of. That poor woman even put a cupcake on her head, all to no avail. It was absolutely useless. Not even the bribe of ice cream would work. She wasn't having her picture made. The photographer finally looked at me and said " I don't think this is going to happen today".
She was right. I apologized, and rescheduled for next week, at a better time. I packed up our stuff, put stinky shoes back on both girls, and got out of there.
I was totally defeated by a 2 year old. Ugg.

Of course, just so you know, this is where the big one started to cry because she didn't get her picture taken. No really. She did. So, both of them are upset, and I'm frazzled. I fixed it all pretty quickly, though. I bought big soft pretzels. Those seem to solve everything for us.

I'm hoping against hope for a better go around next week. If not, I'm just going to ask for some crying shots, because that is all there will be.

When she looks through her pictures 30 years from now, I will be sure to tell her of all the trouble it took to get her 2 year pictures, and remind her that it will all come back to her eventually. Then, one day, when she calls me to complain about how hard it was to get the pictures of her own children, I'll just sit back, listen, and laugh.