Thursday, September 23, 2010

Put Them Away, Katy. Just Put Them Away.

Katy Perry is embroiled in controversy. This time, it's all about her girls and Elmo.

Katy made a guest appearance on Sesame Street to sing with Elmo. The problem is, that her girls made as much of an appearance as she did. You can check out the video to see for yourself, but even with a still shot, I'm sure you will get the jiggly point.

I like it when stars make appearances on Sesame Street. Some of them are cute. I thought Norah Jones was super cute singing with Elmo. Wyclef Jean and Cookie Monster singing about healthy food was fantastic. The list of great guest appearances goes on and on.

The thing is, no matter how controversial or edgy a star may be, when you go on Sesame Street, you need to play to the appropriate audience.
Colin Farrell appeared with Elmo, and not once did I see him drop a F-bomb, drink something, or have sex with some random woman walking down Sesame Street. He was, though, still a bit scruffy and straight up sexy. So it is very possible for stars, even those with massive reputations, to be great for the show and still be cool. Katy, could have stayed true to her own fashion, and worn a different style outfit as she is known for, as long as she covered up the boobage area.

I don't have any idea how that outfit made it out of her dressing room. I really don't understand how it made it onto a final cut for the show. At some point, someone should have stopped her, and suggested that her boobs were a bit much for running around with Elmo, because they are. Someone should have gently suggested that she change to a "Dress up outfit" a little more appropriate. If nothing else, when she walked on camera, no one should have yelled action until she was totally ready to go. They should have been yelling for wardrobe instead.

Our children are already bombarded with overly sexual images on a daily basis. Sesame Street should be safe from this, and something that parents should be able to feel confident about letting our children watch without worry, especially worry of wardrobe malfunctions.

I am disappointed in the entire production staff of Sesame Street for letting this slip in. I think her performance was great. She had great facial expressions, and I bet she is great with kids. Then again, when you take note of who she is marrying, you would think she would have to be. Had it not been for the outfit, she really would have made it to my top favorite guest star list. Now, it can't even be aired.

So, Katy, please, visit Sesame Street again some time. Do another song. Just, please, wear something that leaves the girls out of the picture So we can focus on how cute you and Elmo are together.