Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Looking for Surrogate Grandparents

Today has been difficult, and it isn't even over yet. Though many things are conspiring aginst the day, I realized today that the biggest contributior to my difficult circumstance is that my family is no where near. My husband is out of town. My parents and the rest of my family live states away. So, here I am, alone and pregnant, trying to take care of everything. I need help.

So, I have decided that there is only one way to fix all this. I need some surrogate grandparnets. My own grandparents have all passed away. So, I can't be hurting any feelings by looking for some new ones. I'm definitly not trying to replace the grandparents that the girls have. They are wonderful as they are. I just need someone to be my grandparent again, and take me under their wing sometimes.

Grandparents would be great. I could ask my new grandmother to come over and sit with us, just so I could rest a little today. I could ask my new grandfather to help me figure out what is wrong with my tire because it is getting low. Then, when we found the screw in it, he could told me what we needed to do, explain that it was no big deal, and help me get it fixed, because thats just what a grandpa would do. They would come over and dote on the girls for a while, making them feel extra special, and helping ease their pain from missing their father. My grandmother could spend time with The Girls and I in the kitchen, helping us make holiday cookies and maybe even teach the girls to make biscuits or can. There are so many things that new grandparents could do.

There is a lot we could do for them, as well. I would be glad to take them out shopping or help them run errands. They could get so much love from two little girls who have it in bushels to give out. There would be family dinners that I love to cook. Of course, holidays dinners would be there. The Girls love to draw pictures for people, and would undoubtly be able to cover their fridge. The both like to sing and dance for you, and can be quite entertaining. We could be the grandchildren and great grandchildren they never get to see, or don't have.

I think it would be a great deal for both sides.

So, if you are of grandparent, or great grandparent age, and need a family to love, please consider us. We are really nice. A little loud sometimes. I do like polotics, and can be very opinionated, be that good or bad. I love political debates as well. My husband is in the military, and tell some good tales to match any you might want to share about your own military back ground. The Girls are wonderful, most of the time, and will melt your heart in an instant. Don't forget the baby to be. There isnt anything like a new baby in a family. We hope to find you sometime soon and make all of our lives a little brighter.