Monday, November 1, 2010

She Is Not An Angel

I think I should spend more time relaying the simple, adorable, and often precocious things my children do because like all parents, I like to gloat about how great my kids are.

Last night was Halloween. I'll post more about the holiday and how much candy I now have to hide later. On to the real story of how wonderful my children are.

The Little One was a fairy. The Big One was a caterina; half cat, half ballerina. We actually found that costume.

The Little One was very much in love with being a fairy. She told everyone she was a fairy. Most people got it right away, what with the big pink fairy wings, purple sparkly dress, fairy face paint, and all.
There was, though, one exception.

As we were close to home, and maybe a little tired, we came to a house where an older lady opened the door. I happen to know this woman, as her granddaughter was in The Big One's first Girl Scout Troop. Bless her heart.
Anyway, The Big One is at the door first. She knocks. The door opens. The Nice Lady tells her how cute she is, they do the normal Halloween exchange of "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you"s, and The Big One steps out the way.

The Little One moves up.

The Nice Lady goes nuts for her. She was pretty cute. The Nice Lady kept saying how precious she was, and then she called her an angel. At first I thought she meant she looked angelic. Then said said again, "You are an angel". The Little One got a funny look on her face, but said nothing. She had already said her due "trick or treat" and so she just stood there, pumpkin bucket out, staring at the woman. After another second of gushing, telling her how much of a beautiful angel she was, and still no response from the stone faced Little One, the woman gave her candy.

Then, she got her response.

"Thank you! And I am a fairy!" Then turned with a huff and walked away.
She was no fool. She waited until she had the goods to let the Crazy Lady know she wasn't an angel. Apparently, being called an angel was an affront this this fairy.

She was so upset, the Poor Lady actually apologized to her.

I giggled before telling her to be nice and reprimanding the huff. I told The Nice Lady thank you as well and we were on our way.

Oh, my angelic little fairy.