Monday, November 8, 2010

Know Peace No More

I'm sitting at the computer, in relative peace at the moment. I realize that just typing that will certainly cause a fight to break out momentarily, but until it does, I'm going to sit here, type, think, and sip my sweet tea. It all sounds so good, right, uninterrupted time on the computer and all that.
It isn't exactly quiet, The Girls are in eye shot watching TV and coloring together. So, it is loud, but calm, which is the best I can ask for anymore.

About the same time I realized that we had momentary calm, I simultaneously realized how fleeting it is. The Little One is three and a half now. She can do a lot on her own. She gets to go to the playroom and chill, leaving me to do laundry in my bedroom, or whatever I need to. She can get a drink from the fridge if I let her have a box juice or milk. She can also get her own snack, like a cheese stick, from the fridge. So, I don't have to drop everything for her. I don't have to have my eyes on her constantly, anymore. The Big One is seven, and though she would prefer I still follow her around and wipe her rear, she really is pretty much independent within our home, as much as a seven year old could and should be.
Next year, it will all be gone. While the two I have will only continue to grow up and be more independent, we are going to have a brand new little tiny babe, who can't do anything. I will be back to picking them up, holding them, doing everything, even being their food source, which certainly leaves me chained to the new child. I actually happen to love the baby stage, but I realized today that it is going to be a total shock to my system at this point. Starting all over now will be...weird. I know how it will go, and what to do, but really, its the idea of starting all over again that is startling.

 I'm sure it will all be fine, and I will definitely enjoy the special time together with the new little one, knowing for sure that this will be our last. It will certainly be a major adjustment for everyone.  I think there will be some jealousy, especially from The Little One, who won't be the littlest one anymore, and who is used to having my lap or hand when ever she wants.  She will miss having my total attention during the day, when her sister is at school.  The Big One already knows what it is like to start sharing.  I actually think she will start to flourish, under the even bigger sister role she will get to take on.

Yes, there will be a lot of changes for us. The quiet times will be different, or gone.  The independence gone, but there will be even more love.  In a few years, it will begin to be quiet again, and I'm sure I will miss their need for me.  So, I will just choose to enjoy the dependence while I can, and cherish it for as long as they need me, even if it means no more quiet time for me for quite a while.


buttafly said...

And even though it will be a huge change for everyone, it will go SO FAST!!! I know you'll appreciate the time that you get with your new baby, just as you have with each of the girls and I promise you will again have the freedom you have been enjoying the last couple of years!! Plus you have great friends like me to support you and love on your baby! ;)