Wednesday, November 17, 2010

That Is Sooo Cool.

Today, I had yet another of the 14,000 appointment you have to go to when you are expecting.  I swear between blood draws, and rechecks, regular appointments,and more that you go to a ton of medical appointments while pregnant.  At least this time my OB is willing to manage my hypothroidism, and I don't have to see an endoconologist at the same time.  That was fun before.  Then again, it could all just be me, because I am special, and not in a good way when it comes to pregnancies.

Today's appointment was a regular checkup.  These I usually like.  For whatever reason, my body makes it nearly impossible to hear a baby's heartbeat until we get to the very end of the pregnancy.  When I was pregnant with The Big One, it really freaked me out each time that they would say they couldn't find the heart beat with the little dopplar thing, and needed to get an ultrasound.  The Husband and I would hold hands, hope and prey. Then, things would be just fine.  When it was The Little One, the same would happen, but The Husband and I would just look at each other.  I would remind the doctor that I was always difficult.  We would get the ultrasound, and it would all be fine.  Now, I just know.  I do worry deep down inside, but honestly, it is kind of a boon that my body just doesn't do dopplar.  It means that I get to see my baby at each appointment, and they almost always give me a picture each time.  I can actually chronical my child's growth in womb with pictures.  You can't get much cooler than that.

So, as is normal today, we got to see the baby.  This one is going to be stubborn.  I think today I decided it was a boy.  Not because we got tosee anything.  We didn't.  In fact, all we got to see was the baby's back.  It was laying on its side, back to us, and it refused to move.  The nurse practitioer pushed and prodded a little, and the baby kicked at her.  Then, resumed laying there content.  So, I figure this child doesn't want to move, it just wants to lay there and be lazy...there fore it must be a boy.  Aren't boys suppsoed to be lazier in utero?  I don't mean that to be a dig, I honestly swear I have been told that a thousand times.  Both girls were very active, but this one, just wanted to hang.

Maybe this is wishful thinking.  Maybe not.  I guess we will find out in a few months for sure.  Until then, I'll just take all those special pictures and put them in the scrap book stack that I will eventually start for this Little One, The Littlest One.