Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh My, The Questions

The Big One has questions about the new baby to be. Every day. All the time. She even announces it like that, "Mom, I have questions about the baby" so that there is no doubt as to what we will spend the next 15 minutes or more doing.

I think she is really curious, but doesn't know what all to ask. Since I told her that any time she had a questions she could feel free, I also think she feels the need to ask, even when she doesn't know what to say. Hence our 30 minute random sessions of question asking. Believe me, that are random.

Tonight, I got what I think will be my best question, but I will try to make a list of all the good ones she gives me, and update frequently.

Tonight's Q & A started as normal with the announcement, then my giving the go ahead. At that point, she him and haws around for a while, and is asking me about the baby turning out different. I thought at first we were going to have a serious discussion about the possibility of the baby having a disability, or something like that.  I started thinking about all the ways to explain how children are sometimes born different and special.  All the while, she kept asking this series of questions about being different.
Finally, she hit me with the big one, and the closest thing she could to what she really wanted to know.

"What if they baby speaks Spanish instead of English."

That took me a minute.  I had to process it, and come to a realization of what she was asking.

"Are you trying to ask me what if the baby is Hispanic?"


"Well, then your father would have a lot of questions for me."
She didn't bat an eye at that.
I did go on to explain to her how that wasn't possible and just a snippet about how the baby will be made up of Mommy and Daddy's genes.  

This only gets funnier because later on, The Little One told me that maybe this baby will be black. I think she meant it would have black hair, but that isn't what she said. My Husband nearly went into hysterics.

I'm not really sure what my children think of me.  I'm beginning to be worried about the reputation I have in my own house hold.

What I need to do now is find a picture of The Little One at birth to post.  No matter how many people refuse to believe me, I really am of Native American heritage on my Mom's side, and it shows in her family.  In fact, I am enough Native American to claim that legally.  My Dad's side, though, is straight up white bread Irish, and I am only third generation here.  His DNA won out in me, and I look at white as possible.  So, white, that I am nearly translucent and I swear to you that parts of me glow in the dark.  Yet, somehow, some way, when the The Little One was born, she had a head full of black hair.  I think it came from my heritage.  She also had jaundice, and was tinted fairly dark compared to me.  I actually had people look at me and ask if I was sure that was my baby.  Her jaundice went away, and her hair turned red, then went blonde, but that definitely isn't how she was born.

So, if after all those discussions, with both children about what the baby can look like, if the baby really does come out like The Little One, I think my own children might start checking out the UPS Man just to be sure.