Monday, January 12, 2009

Congress say what??

Sometimes, I have to wonder if the entirety of Congress collectively have their heads up their asses.

I know that was vulgar and rude, but so is the thought that thanks to their ineptitude, children may well be banned from libraries.

"Sorry, Little Johnny, no story time for you ever again, or the librarian will go to jail".

I mean, what were they thinking??? The new laws that were designed to protect our children, are seriously about to turn their, and our, worlds upside down. Have you read some of the articles about what may happen because of this new massive and all inclusive monster of a piece of legislation?
Let's see. First, we have the end of the resale industry.
Then, we have tons of small businesses who will have to close their doors. Say goodbye to your favorite mommy owned small businesses that we have come to depend on for those perfect niche items.
After that, we ban children from libraries, because you know, even though children have been in libraries for generations and generations, apparently, every parent before us was just dumb enough to let their children go into that godforsaken pit of lead toxicity, including our own. Not us, though, our kids will never again walk those death bringing halls. **Insert massive eye roll here.**

I believe at this point, my child is much more likely to be harmed by falling and knocking over a stack of books, than by anything that Congress has actually touched upon, in a library.

How far are we going to let them go? Do we have to let them actually ban these things before we as a nation rise up and tell them to pull their heads back out? Why is it that we allow so many people who have obviously lost touch with us, the people, to continue to do such ridiculous things?

While I fully realize that this ban will probably never take place, and you must take much of my commentary herein as sarcasm and hyperbole, the fact is that I really do believe that congress is acting not in the best interest of the people any more, or even with the amount of thought and consideration really needed for what they do. They are reactionary. They pander to whatever makes them look good, without consideration of the real ramifications of their actions, time and time again.

Seriously, people, we need to stop, think, and decide where our line in the sand is. It may just about be time to wipe the slate clean, and start again in the next election cycles.

How did this post turn into such a political soap box? I'm not really sure, but I do know this: I have a story time scheduled in two weeks with my moms group. I intend to be there. I also intend to keep on scheduling events at libraries all over the city, because there are few things as important as teaching our children the joys of reading, and I don't intend to let anyone take that away from me, or my children.