Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No kids, No Rocket Cart For You

My little one and I went to the grocery store today. I do believe that this is the first time I have taken her to the store alone, with out her sister, or my husband, since she began to walk and talk. Yeah. Its been a while. It had to be done, though.

Anyway, we go, and as luck would have it, there was one, just one, Rocket Cart there at the store. Just about every grocery store has those special shopping carts (or buggies for those reading this back home) that are meant just for kids. They are usually little plastic car looking things with a cart attached to the front. Our grocery store happens to have the coolest ones ever that look like a space shuttle! They have two separate baskets, a small one up high and a larger one down low. Of course, my oldest had no idea what the space shuttle was the first time she saw it, and they became the Rocket Carts.

I nearly run to the cart, and my daughter gets excited as soon as I put her in. She starts driving and pretend hoking that thing like crazy. We go on about our shopping, with her honking an beep beeping up and down the isles. People are laughing at her and her cute little "vroom vroom"s.

We start to turn at the end of the cheese isle, to go toward the bread and deli section, and there is a womyn with her back turned towards us, with a rocket car, sort of blocking the way. Right away, I see there is no child. He must have hopped out, gone with Dad, or something. Right?

Nope. As we pass, I see she has filled the place for the child with all kinds of crap, including her bag.

I actually uttered "I know she didn't..." out loud before I caught myself. I was probably blocking other people in the isle behind me, because I was caught so off guard, I had to stand there and stare for about a minute.

You know, these carts are both good and bad. For actual shopping, they kind of suck. The baskets are both small, and you can't fit much in them. You get far, far less than you would with a regular shopping cart. They are much less maneuverable because of the longer length, the weight, and the general design. They are also usually pretty dirty. I mean, your putting kid after kid in them. The only good thing about them is the sheer entertainment value they posses for your child. Between the shopping cart and a box of raisins, she was occupied the entire time.

So, why would anyone take one that didn't have a child??? I think there should be a law against that. The grocery store police should give you a grocery store ticket if they ever see a person who clearly has no child using one of those carts. In fact, if my husband goes, I send him on ahead of us while I get the girls out to scout one of those crazy things out. There have been days where I nearly cried because the kids were being a pill, we had to go to the store, and we could only get a regular cart. It makes that much of a difference sometimes. See, people with no kids, we NEED them. It isn't just about the rocket, it is about our sanity.

So, to the lady who was browsing the specialty breads today, using a Rocket Cart with no child, you, ma'am, are not a very nice person. For shame. Taking away what could have been a mom's desperately needed piece of sanity today. I hope someone else says something more than I did. May you over priced loaf of artisan bread mold very fast. Harumph.


Tanyetta said...

The NERVE! That would have pissed me beyond pistivity!

buttafly said...

That is pretty bad. Why would she want a cart like that anyway? They are horrible for manuevering! Idiot woman.