Friday, March 11, 2011

Get Your Hands Out Of Our Educational Cookie Jar

Today, I am pissed off.
I am pissed off at the government officials of this city, the state, and the whole nation.
I am sick and tired of education being on the front lines of spending cuts.
Elected officials, get your hands off the money that fund our school systems.
Its time you started looking else where.
Leave our teachers alone.
Leave our schools alone.
If you can't give them more, definitely don't take anything away.

Schools are a huge budget item.  Its easy to say we have to cut when the money going in is such a huge chunk, but that doesn't mean there is fat to trim.  Your cutting muscle away now, and I think it is high time you just left it be.

No one out there can tell me there aren't other places to cut.  There are.  It is a matter of choice.  You don't want people pissed off because you cut social services, but people on food stamps can now buy crap in gas stations.  Come to my house, look me in the eye, and tell me there isn't waist there that could be cut.
How about we stop funding people who live here illegally, and don't pay taxes.  I know, I must be a racist for attacking illegal immigrants.  Right?  Wrong.  Legal immigrants, like my own great grandfather, are more than welcome here.  Come over, get a job, pay taxes, and use everything this nation has to offer.  However, don't scam the system and keep us from being able to take care of the tax paying citizens and their children that live here.  And just to reiterate, no, this does not make me a racist, it makes me practical.  There are so many other places we could cut.  How about we quit paying your salaries when you don't do the job ask of you.  I am all for withholding salaries of elected officials if there is no budget approved by their deadline.  Let's see how much money that saves us, and how much faster they can suddenly work together then!

California is a state with an economy the size of some small nations.  There is no way we need more income.  What we need are competent people who understand that cuts have to come in places that people may not be happy about, but our state's piggy bank will be.  You have to get rid of the corruption that gives people money they never earned, and shouldn't have to begin with.
You have to take a realistic look at what is necessary, and what isn't.
Somehow, though, people in power forget this.  They are too concerned with keeping their own place of power, and far less concerned with making the choices that are best for the people.

Shame.  Shame on all of you who want to run to cut education and essential services first.
I think its up to us, the people, to keep tossing them out year after year, election after election, until someone who will actually do us right is in there.  I don't care what party you came from, if you can't do the right thing, you need to hit the pot hole filled road.  It could have been a much better landing for you if you hadn't wasted all the money we needed to fix those pot holes on frivolous crap, but so be it.  I hope your rear hits a chunk of loose asphalt on the way down. Harrumph.


MySweetCreations said...

I totally agree with you, well said. I have a HUGE problem with supporting the illegals and it baffles me that it continues.