Friday, March 25, 2011

Such Skinny Babies

Today, I had another OB appointment.  I was really anxious to get to this one after the ultra sound last Friday was iffy.
The Tech had indicated that the baby was a little too thin, and made me worry.
At today's appointment, the Dr measured me and confirmed I was still measuring ahead.  Then we listened to the strong heart beat.  She checked me over, looked at her chart, and said everything was good.  I ask about the ultra sound, and told her what the tech had been concerned about.  She looked at the numbers a couple of times and was surprised the tech has said anything.  Yes, the baby is thin.  It looks like it is measuring almost a couple of weeks behind in weight, but nothing too alarming.  Her height, though, seems to be way off.  She is really long, like 3 plus weeks ahead.  It seems like her height is so much ahead, that it makes her look even tinier, even though she is fine.  The Dr's opinion, another long, skinny baby coming, and all is well.

It should be illegal for ultrasound techs to scare pregnant women like that.  We just can't handle it, or at least I can't.
I called My Husband as soon as we got out, and he may have been gloating a little about how right he was, which I gave him credit for, but I was so relieved when I told him that I didn't care if he gloated, and I almost started crying on the phone.  The crying should have been expected.  I am so thankful that she seems to be fine!!!
I'm not sure how I keep making all these long skinny kids, but as ironic as it seems to be, all my kids come out that way.  Never having had a vaginal birth, I can't say that it really makes a difference to me how fluffy they are, as long as they are healthy.  I suppose that would be yet another irony right there.  Regardless, I am a happy camper at the moment, feet in my rib cage and all.