Thursday, March 24, 2011

Remember When...

A while back, while in the grips of the pregnancy nausea monster, I said I wish I could just be tired.  I lamented on how much easier it would be, to be tired rather than nauseous.

Now, in the third trimester, at 34 weeks, the nausea has passed, and I am just tired, and this sucks.  I know, I know, through the few months of the pregnancy, I've said "this sucks" more than a twelve year old boy does in a year, but it is true!
I am exhausted this morning.  I'm really not sure how I even have enough energy to be typing this.  At this point, I am so exhausted, that my fingers should even be asleep on the keys.  I'm sure this post will be laced with even more grammatical errors than normal, should that be possible.
A big part of the problem, though, is that I lack enough caffeine.  I am officially restricting that because she is still inside me.  Once she comes out, I feel like it should be ok to up my dose of that God sent drug a bit, and I should be at least a little bit better.  Until then, though, I have to figure out how to do everything I need to do, while basically asleep on the inside.

It isn't easy to take care of The Girls, and the house, and everything else, especially since I am functioning as a single parent at the moment, thank you U.S. Navy.  I know, though, that I will survive this, too.  Truthfully, given the choice, I think I would still take the tired over the nausea, but that doesn't make it suck any less.


MySweetCreations said...

I understand fatigue all too well. It isn't fun, no amount of rest gives your body enough rest to feel rested! :)