Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Neighborly Update

I think it is time to give an update on my new neighbor situation.

The past has been difficult for us with neighbors.  The last set were quite possibly the loudest people on the face of this earth, or any other earth that might exist as well.

So, when the new neighbors moved in, I was a little worried due to our bad luck with neighbors in general.
In fact, I wouldn't say that my first impressions were totally fantastic, but you know the old sayings about impressions and assuming, and sometimes you should actually pay attention to their meanings.

The first thing I got to see about these neighbors would be their cars.  I want to try to describe their cars to you, but it may be difficult.  Bear with me.
I believe the car that I see parked in the garage is an old school, probably late '70s, Chevy Caprice.  Think really old school cop car.  It has a multi toned purple metallic paint job.  Its very pretty and glittery in the light.  The wheels on it are huge.  We aren't talking normal huge here, either.  I believe them to be 28s or 30s, if you know tires sizes.  If you don't, they are seriously as tall as my nearly 4 year old daughter.  Really.  They are.  I mean, those wheels are at least one and a half times the size of the wheels on my full size truck.  The rims are also massive.  They are a really nice chrome, with a great design that leaves lots of room between the spokes, with holes big enough for the same nearly 4 year old to climb in between.  I don't know that there is another way to describe the wheels on that thing, than ridiculous, perhaps redonkulous, but that would be it.  Lest anyone wonder, yes, it does have a sound system in it.  I had seen this thing rolling through the complex before it moved next door, and I can assure you that it can bump.  I can also tell you that they like some seriously straight up gangsta rap with lyrics that might make even me, who appreciates the fine art of a well placed f-bomb, blush.  And something I just learned yesterday, by peering into their garage as closely as I could without making a total fool of myself, is that the car also has some bright blue neon or led lights inside.  Its very pretty.  All this made me a bit wary.
Their other car, in case you were also wondering if this particular ride was their Sunday car, is a big old Cadillac hoopty.  For those who don't know what a hoopty is, its is generally a massive boat like car in very poor condition.  I consider this a hoopty since no less than three major openings on the car, the trunk, hood, and a door, are all covered in bondo right now.  This car may be on its way to slowly being pimped out to be much more like the one in the garage, hence the bondo stage, but I'm not sure because I think asking might cross a line.  Anyway, the music situation alone made me a little scared.  I don't need all that all up in my house at any hour.
With serious fear of jinxing myself, and while knocking on wood, I have to tell you that I have been more than a little pleasantly surprised.  Thus far, all is quiet on the neighborly front.  I hear them probably as much as they hear us, maybe even less since The Girls are always outside when home.  I think all of their kids are little, and they probably sleep in, where as we are up at the butt crack of dawn to get ready.  We probably wake them up, though not intentionally.

So far, I have only heard their music twice.  Once, I heard some music while moving in, from inside the house, but I haven't heard that again.  The other time wasn't bad at all.  I went outside, and into the garage, and I could hear some of that same music they are generally bumping, but the volume was so low, and most of the components that create the actual bumping in the car turned off, that they may as well have been playing some Barry Manilow, if Barry Manilow if Barry Manilow had grown up in the hood and should wash his mouth out with soap.  Seriously, though, it was nothing.

I like them.  They keep to themselves.  They move their trash cans away from the garage doors as soon as it is gone.  They don't bug us, and we don't bug them.  I couldn't ask for more.
I just hope it stays this way.  I mean, I certainly wouldn't mind being friends with them, but, I'm pretty content with just the quiet neighbor situation for once.