Sunday, December 26, 2010

All Girls and We Still Get the Good Toys

I think, in a perfectly juxtapose way, the two main gift brands passed at our house this year were Barbie and Nerf.  That's right.  Nerf.  As in Nerf guns.
The Girls got a Nerf Gun.
Their Father got a massive Nerf gun that is has its own shield attached, Nerf bandoleer straps with extra ammo cases, and extra Nerf bullets.
I even got, in what was a very sweet gesture, a tiny little Nerf gun that will go under my pillow now to help ward off early morning sneak attacks, and really will be The Littlest One's first gun.  Apparently, she needs one as soon as possible, and I can bear the gun, like I get to bear her, until she gets here.

Just because our house is and will continue to be made up of primarily females, 3 daughters, 2 female Guinea pigs, and me to one lone male, we don't play tea party or bake all day long.  While we love to do those things, by no means do we keep it straight girly around here.

Not only do we have Nerf wars, complete with favorite hiding spots for ambushing your enemy, but we do all kinds of cool things, that once would have been reserved for only boys.

The Girls know helicopter Aircrew calls.  They know them because their father practices the calls with them when appropriate.  Generally, this starts at a young age when he can still lift and throw them pretty well.  The Girls have practiced auto-rotations, simulating loss of engine power and the helicopter spinning downward.  They have practiced Search and Rescue calls as they jump out of our vehicles, where the call leading up to it directs the SAR swimmer to jump from the helicopter into the water.  They "jump, jump, jump" well on command now.

The Girls wrestle and fight with their father as much as any two boys do.  Either he or The Big One start it all the time.  We can't sit on the couch together without someone ending up in a head lock, or fighting for their lives to keep from getting farted on.  Which, I must admit with a bit of chagrin sometimes includes me, and is one of the times I do wish we kept it a little more girly around here.

Still, I love the fact that The Girls can do it all.  They can go and play with Barbies for hours on end. They carry around their little stuffed animals and care for them like little babies.  Then they can go pick up a Nerf gun and shoot down a fort made of the boxes from their Barbie toys, as much of Christmas day was spent doing.

I want them to all be well rounded.  I want them to reach for any dream they can dream of, and teaching them that its ok for girls to have a Nerf gun and a tea set is part of that.  I hope they all grow up to be strong women, prepared to take on the world, in whatever capacity they choose to take it on.  Whether they end up helicopter pilots, lawyers, chefs, or homemakers, I want them to be the best that they can be.