Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Naming Wars Have Begun

I don't know that naming a child is ever easy.  In our little family, it certainly isn't.
I think that my family feared for all of my children, long before any one of them was conceived, or I was even married.  I am pretty sure they thought that names straight of the Goth book of baby names, which I did consult, would be on the top of my list.  They were probably expecting a little Chaos, Draven, or Siouxsie would be coming their way.
However, I would say I shocked just about everyone with our name choices.  They both have lovely, normal names, and maybe even a little bit traditional.  Both girls have flowers in there somewhere, and are also familial names.
I think we did quite well.

This last one, though, seems to have used up all of my ability to give a nice normal name.  I am really at a loss, and everything I like, that fits with the theme we have going, is a little out there.

My Husband hates them all.

In turn, he is really trying to push names he likes.  Part of that may be that I really had a larger part in coming up with the names of both girls, even if he agreed and liked them.  So, he is pushing things he really likes that are his ideas this time. I understand that.
The sucky part is that had this one turned out to be a boy, and it may yet as there is a small chance, we have a name ready.  One that he came up with entirely, and I love.  I really do.  I am committed to that name for a boy until we officially can't have any more.  Girls names, though, just aren't going to be easy.

Throw into the mix the fact that we already have two other children who want to be part of the process, and while we may not end up with a Chaos, we definitely have naming chaos.  There are names just flying about all the time.  I'm sure it would be comical to hear and see our conversations if you weren't the one naming them.  It's like some twisted game where we face each other, the first person shouts off a name, the next then counters with some other name.  It can go on for hours, with with middle name variations and all.

Seriously, this is difficult.

And we aren't the kind of people who can wait until we see the baby to name it, either.  It won't just come to us.  We will agree before she gets here, one way or another.  The another may be a challenged game of skill, but we will come to some agreement.  Maybe we will break it down Brady style with a house of cards, but one way or another, we will be ready by the time we walk into that hospital to deliver.

So, to all of my family and friends, please be prepared.  We may have spared you the "What did they name her?" shocked question the first two times, but I make no promises this time around.  Get ready.  She will be who she will be.  She is our special little one, and while we won't be making up any Renesmee type crazy things, she may be the most uniquely named one of them all.