Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Tree

Long, long ago, before children, when I still wore the makeup and the boots, I used to have beautiful Christmas trees.  Each year it was the same.  I put real red roses, dried, on my tree with white lights, and silver balls.  I would sometimes use some red poinsettia flowers as well.  Anything that went on it was red and silver, and of course the white lights.  I would say it was a very fitting tree for my personality, especially since i had a thing for dried roses.  It could have been something for a magazine cover, maybe a dark/goth lite magazine, but still, a magazine.

Now, however, my tree is totally different.  I don't think there are any limits to what we put on it.  Now that I have children, I believe that the tree should reflect that, and be very festive.  We might even take that to the extreme now.  I think my tree looks a little like Christmas threw up on it, but at least it screams Christmas.  We use white and color lights.  We have more cartoon characters than you could probably count placed all over.  There are ornaments to represent each child, and different years.  Our garland is one of those colored paper ring things, and sometimes we add popcorn strings, too.  We have ice cycles, snow flakes, and real candy canes scattered about.

Then, my favorite part would be all the ornaments that The Girls have made.  I love those things.  Each year I have The Girls paint a ceramic ornament that my mom makes.  We sign and date the back.  It is a beautiful time line of maturity to see The Big One's first ceramic ornaments that she painted until the one for this year.  The Little One doesn't have so many, what with her only being three and all, but she will get there.  These are things I will treasure forever as a mom, and are probably one of my favorite parts of all of Christmas.

I guess when others look at our tree, they might see the Christmas vomit.  They might see a tree that has garland going in 5 different directions, because that is the way little hands put it there.  They might see one more hot mess hanging out in my living room.  I really don't care what other people see, though.  What I see is love and family, and nothing says Christmas more to me.