Friday, April 22, 2011

The Final Appointment ReCap

Today was my last normal OB appointment before the baby comes.  My Dr and I discussed everything, and she "poked around" quite a bit, trying to see if there could be any other complications before we get in there.  We had a nice long chat.  It is a little difficult, because I have two Drs, with two totally different specialties, doing two totally different surgeries, and we need to be able to meet the needs of both.  AS far as my OB is concerned, though, it should be pretty simple for her.  The general surgeon will open and close.  As she told me today, her only concern is my uterus, and what is in it.  Everything else will be up to the other Dr.

The biggest concern for her today was surprisingly anesthesia.  She isn't sure they can do anything adequately, except knock me out.  Before she examined me, she talked about spinal anesthesia, and I explained that I received a spinal during my last c-section, and that it started to wear off.  So, I would prefer an epidural.  As soon as she looked at my scar, she said she wasn't surprised that it wore off.  The height of the scar is too high for pretty much any spinal anesthesia, and that there would have been problems, some thing that was argued before the butchers at Balboa ended up doing what was, according to the anesthesiologist himself, physically easier for him to do.  My OB said that when I speak to anesthesia, they may have concerns, and that they may end up needing to give me general anesthesia.  I hope not.  My hope is for the epidural, and if need be, then they can knock me out after the baby comes.  I don't do well with general anesthesia, though.  I have low normal blood pressure (shocking for a fat girl, but true), and I think that may be part of why I don't wake up well.  I also get really sick from it.  So, if we can possibly avoid that, I want to, but I also don't want to repeat the terror of my last c-section, laying there realizing that I was starting to get feeling back while people are actually cutting on me.

I have faith, though, that this time, the Dr.s there will have my best interests in mind, and not the ease of the procedure, when they make decisions.  I also intend to push for what I want, as long as it is safe, at each step of the process.  That's all I can do.  Now, we wait for Thursday.  I have one more monitoring appointment on Tuesday, which is pretty much nothing, and then we will have her Thursday morning.
I'm excited, and nervous.  I ready or at least as ready as I can be mentally and emotionally.  Ready to start the next chapter of our lives.