Thursday, April 21, 2011

Somebody Take That Bowling Ball, Please

Right now, I am full term, and were I to go into labor, the baby would be fine.  I, however, wouldn't.  Until my Mom comes in 5 more days, I would have to scramble to find someone to watch The Girls for us.  Since I won't be having a nice, normal vaginal delivery, I'm going to be in the hospital for probably 5 days, and will need My Husband there the entire time.  That means I really, really, need to stay pregnant until she gets here.  That, though, may be difficult.  Right now, I feel like someone shoved a bowling ball up my va-jay-jay, and it is barely hanging in there.  I swear it feels like it could drop out at any moment.  This child is pushing more than I have ever felt before.  Sometimes as I am walking, it feels as though if I were to take one more step, she would break my water and just push on through.
It is pretty crazy to walk around like this and is why I prefer just hanging out on the couch for now.  We don't have much longer, and in a few days, the bowling ball will be gone.  Then, instead of carrying her around down below, I'll be carrying her around in my arms, which I am sure will be much more comfortable.