Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A World Of Difference

Today, I had my first real experience with the hospital I will be delivering at.  My last experience delivering a child didn't go so well, and my experience from start to finish with that place should probably end up in some "world's worst" contest.  It is one of those things that make me wonder why we, as a society, subject out military personnel and families to such terrible care as I received.

Today, though, I got to remember what a real hospital, with caring professionals who actually like their jobs, is like.  It was like a breath of fresh air.  It was fantastic.  Were talking about a place where not only will I have my child, but I will have a very difficult surgery, and I felt good there.  That says a lot.  It wouldn't be surprising for me, considering all the medical profession in general has put me through, for me to hate Drs and hospitals.  This hospital, though, made me feel comfortable.  I felt taken care of.  I would imagine that is how it is supposed to be, I just didn't get that the last time I delivered, and ended up in fear from then on.

From the moment that I walked in the main entrance, though, I could tell there was a huge difference.  The people were smiling and helpful.  They took care of everything as quickly as they could.  Everyone made sure I knew where I was going, and what was going on.  Then, once I actually got up to the Antenatal Testing area, I was greeted by Norma, who is probably going to go down as one of the nicest, sweetest nurses I have ever met.  She was not only super sweet, but she took the time to explain things that no one else ever has to me.  When you have someone who is truly knowledgeable and caring there, it makes a world of difference in your experience.  I think I could have ask her anything, and she would have sat and explained it  until I was totally satisfied, as though she had nothing else to do, when I could see just how bust they really were.  She was instantly personally invested in my care, even though she must get so many patients each and every day.  When all the testing was done, she ask me for a hug.  Seriously.

I have to say, that if this is really the indicator for how the rest of my experience will be, even though what I will be going through won't be easy, I think this will be the best way possible to finish out my child bearing days.  I'm so thankful that I was able to get to a really wonderful place, and be surrounded by caring professionals this time.  Hopefully, when I get to tell my next birth story, it will be a good one for a change.