Sunday, April 3, 2011

It Fights Back

My life is a riot sometimes.
As a lovely late symptom of this pregnancy, I have developed mild heart burn.  I am thankful it is mild up to this point, but it still sucks.
Last night, the girls and I had a late night special snack, and then went to bed.  I'm not used to this heart burn thing, and I forget I can't eat and lay down.  They both wanted to lay in my bed and with it being the first weekend of spring break, I obliged.  I turned out the lights, and we all lay down.  Sure enough, I started to feel the heart burn creeping up on me.  I told the girls I thought I was going to have to go down stairs and get some medicine, with out telling them what it was.
The Big One pops up with "Why?  Food fighting back?"
Yes, she watches far too many commercials.
I laughed for a minute, and told her she was right.
Then, together, we sang the "Tum, tum tum tum tuuuummss" jingle.
We were both laughing.
The Little One sat up between us, rolled her eyes, grunted at us as if only to acknowledge that we had both lost it, and lay back down.
Such is my world.