Sunday, April 24, 2011

In The Middle

I took The Girls to the park today, and as The Little One ran behind The Big One, I saw how much they look alike, pony tails swinging, and I could Just picture The Littlest One following behind in a few years. The Little One was following her big sister, as usual, trying to do whatever The Big One was doing. It really made me wonder what it will be like when The Little One becomes The Middle One.
Middle children are special. They have their own unique sets of challenges and needs. They don't get to be the first to do things, and they aren't the baby.  They have to carve out their own place in this world.
I worry about The Little One, and what will happen when she isn't the baby.  While she has a big personality, I worry and want to make sure she doesn't get lost in the shuffle.
She is a fantastic child.  I expect her to be quite the comedian as she gets older.  I also expect her to be the trouble maker, with some devious plot in the works at all times.
In a way, I suppose that I should consider her the lucky one.  She gets to be both an older sister, and a younger sister.  She gets to have a big sister to help her along her way, and have someone to look to when she just can't come to mom.  She also gets to be a big sister for someone else, which is a very cool thing.
I'm not sure where she will go in her new role, but I truly hope she takes it somewhere fantastic.  I hope she makes the best out of her new adjustment, and I promise to do my best as her mom to see that she knows how special she is, always.